5 Benefits of Regular Dental Exams & Teeth Cleaning

Have you had a teeth cleaning in the past year? Exams & professional dental cleanings aren’t just for keeping your smile bright; they could have a significant impact on your general health. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to several serious illnesses including bone loss, cardiovascular disease, strokes, cancers, and many other health problems. A regular dental routine of brushing and flossing at home is essential for a healthy mouth. However, to ensure your teeth are healthy and thoroughly clean, you should schedule regular dental check-ups with your dentist and annual teeth cleanings with your dental hygienist. Here are 5 reasons dental exams & professional teeth cleanings are so important.

A Beautiful Smile

Our dental hygienist at Pershing Family Dental will remove most of the stains that dull and discolor your teeth, so you’ll be left with a more beautiful, whiter smile. Drinking coffee, tea, wine or using tobacco can stain your teeth severely over the years. A dental cleaning can remove built-up stains and leave you with freshly polished teeth for a smile you can be proud to wear in public.

Keep All of Your Teeth

Getting your teeth cleaned regularly will help prevent gum and periodontal disease as you get older in life. Having all of your teeth intact for as long as possible is crucial for a longer life expectancy. Being able to chew healthy foods such as meat and fresh vegetables is essential to keep your body healthy by being able to consume the nutrients, protein, and fiber your body needs.

Save Money

In the long run, regular teeth cleanings not only help your oral health, but they can also save your pocketbook as well. The healthier your mouth is the less chance of needing to pay large amounts of money in the future for costly and extensive dental procedures and treatment.

Boost Overall Health

There’s a direct correlation between your overall health and oral health. Keeping your teeth clean lowers your risk for certain diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. With regular teeth cleaning, the risk of developing unpleasant oral conditions can be reduced. Your risk of developing other diseases is also greatly reduced by regular exams and teeth cleaning. In fact, studies show that people who received regular teeth cleanings and scrapings had a 24 percent lower risk of heart attack and 13 percent lower risk of stroke compared to people who didn’t get much dental care.

Early Detection of Illness

Dental exams can also detect signs of disease elsewhere in the body. Experts say infections inside your mouth can cause health problems in other parts of the body and signal diseases such as leukemia and diabetes. Our dentist will also be able to screen you for early detection of dementia, heart health, osteoporosis, and nighttime reflux which can quickly deteriorate your teeth.

You may want to think twice before delaying your next dental exam and teeth cleaning.

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