Tips for Living with Dentures

Eating with a tooth or multiple teeth extracted can be very difficult. That is why or dentist will recommend partial or full dentures to patients with multiple teeth missing. Dentures are essentially false teeth that will restore your ability to chew food in comfort and that beautiful smile.

Dentures in El Paso, TX

Brush Your Dentures Twice a Day

Just like teeth, dentures need to be brushed twice daily to prevent plaque build-up and odor-causing bacteria. A healthy oral hygiene routine will ensure that they will last longer. Brushing daily is also an important measure to prevent gum disease.

Rinse After Eating

Make sure to rinse your dentures thoroughly after brushing so no food particles are left behind. Holding your dentures under running water will help to rinse them out. Failing to do so can lead to periodontal disease in the soft tissue below the appliance.

Don’t Let Your Dentures Dry Out

When you’re not using your dentures they should be soaking in water or denture cleaning solution. Similar to teeth, your dentures should be kept moist to prevent fracturing. You can avoid breaking your dentures which are sometimes a major investment in maintaining oral health by doing this on a nightly basis when your dentures aren’t being used.

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