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Dental Exams & Cleanings

Did you know that over half of long-term teeth problems, including cavities and tooth decay, can be identified and prevented by regular checkups? Besides being very important for your teeth, regular dental exams or checkups are also important for your gums and mouth in general. 

​We recommend getting a checkup every 6 months here at our El Paso location. By having a bi-annual checkup and cleaning, 
​you can maintain the health and appearance of your teeth.

Implant Crowns & Bridges

Crowns or “caps” are a very effective treatment for teeth that have been structurally compromised due to large amounts of decay, extensive wear, cracks, or root canals. 

Crowns made from porcelain fused to metal are probably the most common type.  They are tooth-colored porcelain crowns with a metal substructure lining the inside of the crown.  Ceramic or porcelain crowns look the most like natural teeth because they do not have any metal in the structure.

Root Canals

You’ve probably heard at least one horror story that began with, “So I had to have a root canal …” To get the tooth numb and put you at ease, Dyer uses the latest in anesthesia techniques ​including nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral and IV sedation. 

What Exactly Is A Root Canal?
A root canal is a procedure that is used to save a tooth that is badly damaged or infected. The pulp is the inside of the tooth filled with nerves and blood vessels. If it becomes infected or dies, a root canal may be needed. ​​

Same-Day Emergency Care

Dental emergencies can be very painful and interrupt your daily activities. Here are some dental emergencies that we can assist you with:

Teeth Whitening

Sparkly teeth. Nothing beats a nice, beautiful smile gleaming with white teeth. In fact, did you know that experts say the 2 most noticeable things about a person on their first impression are their shoes and their smile.  Another interesting fact is that a first impression is made in just seconds, and it takes 7 subsequent impressions to overpower a first impression. 

We offer two options for whiter teeth – custom whitening trays, and our high-tech, in-office whitening procedure.

Tooth Extraction

In the case of a severely damaged tooth, an ​extraction may be needed. The damaged tooth could eventually harm the surrounding teeth. For your comfort, a local anesthetic is used while you are awake in order to numb the surrounding area of the tooth being removed. If the extracted tooth was a permanent tooth, then a dental implant or bridge may be needed to fill the open space 

Tooth Fillings

Fillings are a procedure where we repair a tooth that has a decayed or damaged part. By removing the decayed, cracked or otherwise damaged portion, we can then fill the space with an aesthetically matching material. 

​The most popular type of filling is called a composite, which blends in with the natural tooth, restores the original shape of the tooth and reinforces the strength ​and structure.


​This teeth-straightening system uses clear aligners that are made out of nearly invisible plastic and, unlike traditional braces, can be inserted and removed for special occasions, eating, and your daily cleaning routines. The aligners are BPA free and so smooth that they don’t irritate your cheeks and gums. Invisalign is an invisible-braces method that begins with a consultation during which you and our dentist plan the desired result. A series of custom-made aligners are used over a period of months to correct your own unique misalignment.

Implant Dentures

Pershing Family Dental offers full and partial dentures in El Paso, TX. Implant dentures are more secure, longer lasting and have a greater success rate than other denture options. We want to make sure you are completely comfortable through the whole process of getting full or partial dentures. 

Quality is important to us, and we guarantee that our dental clinic uses the highest quality materials and leading-edge techniques in building your dentures.


Pershing Family Dental offers many different type of cosmetic dentistry including Invisalign, veneers, crowns, bridges, dental bonding, dental implants and dentures. We offer a complete smile make over that will leave you feeling confident and healthy. Whether you are missing a few teeth or just need to get your teeth whitened, we have a state of the art cosmetic dentistry treatment to offer you. We’d love to brighten your smile and simultaneously provide you with complete oral health.