9 Benefits of Invisalign: Straighten Out Your Teeth & Oral Health

The Invisalign® teeth straightening system is available at Pershing Family Dental and uses clear braces that are practically undetectable when worn. Invisalign employs a sequence of clear, customizable removable aligners to move your teeth gradually. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks before being replaced by the next in the series until your treatment is finished, resulting in satisfactory outcomes and full advantages of Invisalign.

Invisalign® offers a number of oral health benefits beyond a beautiful smile. Schedule an Invisalign consultation in El Paso, TX

Invisalign has been proven to be successful for both adults and children. The typical treatment length is about 12 months, although this will vary based on the unique circumstances of each patient. Invisalign is an excellent choice for people who want to enhance their smile without wearing metal braces. But, did you know that Invisalign offers a number of oral health benefits beyond a beautiful smile?

Benefits of Invisalign

Do you still have concerns about Invisalign treatment? Continue reading to learn more about the fantastic benefits of Invisalign. You will be able to make a more educated decision regarding treatment after reading this article.

1. Easier to clean your teeth

Teeth that are misaligned, on the other hand, are more difficult to clean. Because these teeth may be crowded or overlap one another, flossing and brushing them effectively is considerably more challenging. Ineffective care can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease. Your smile will straighten out after you receive Invisalign trays, making it much easier to brush and floss all of your teeth.

2. Fewer office visits

Metal braces need to be adjusted by a dentist with regular visits. Invisalign enables you to participate in activities while ensuring that your teeth move and line up correctly.

You receive aligner trays for the current stage and subsequent phases in your Invisalign treatment program. You may proceed to the next phase without another office visit by receiving the trays ahead of time.

3. Improved gum health

Brushing and flossing might be more difficult if your teeth are crooked. Food scraps accumulate between your teeth, causing plaque to develop. Gum disease can be induced by inflammation and germs. The symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Loose teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Gum abscess
  • Changes in how your teeth fit together
  • Sensitivity
  • Pain when chewing
  • A receding gumline

Get Invisalign treatments before gum disease sets in. Otherwise, your risk of stroke, diabetes, and heart disease caused by periodontal disease might all rise.

4. Avoid tooth decay

Food particles may accumulate in the cracks between your teeth, causing plaque to build up. You might be unable to chew food properly or perhaps even swallow it. Tooth loss is a possibility. Invisalign treatment (along with brushing and flossing) can help you avoid tooth decay.

5. Invisalign for an improved bite!

You might have a difficult time biting into your favorite foods if your smile is misaligned. Your teeth will be moved gradually by aligners, allowing you to bite and chew with ease. Once the treatment is finished, your mouth will feel rejuvenated!

6. Less risk of tooth injury

Teeth that are straight are less likely to fracture or become damaged in the event of an accident. Broke teeth, which protrude further, are more prone to breakage. Our teeth can be damaged by sporting injuries, automobile accidents, trips, falls, and even chewing hard items. Straightening your teeth gives them the greatest possibility of longevity.

7. Less wear and tear

Straighter teeth will give you the advantage of less wear and tear on your teeth, gums, and jaw. Biting and chewing put out a lot of pressure on their own. Teeth that are properly positioned can bite and chew without difficulty. Those with biting difficulties, on the other hand, place an excessive amount of strain on their teeth.

This can cause gum recession, fractures, and even malformed biting surfaces. Not only is the damage unsightly, but it raises your risk of periodontal disease. This could lead to more costly dental procedures in the future.

8. Improved and Clearer Speech

Your teeth have a significant function in your speech, despite the fact that you may not be aware of it. It can have an impact on your speaking habits if you have teeth that are crowded, spaced, or sticking out of your mouth. With Invisalign orthodontics, you’ll notice an improvement in your speech within an average of six months.

9. Straight Teeth Increase Your Confidence

A bad smile can have a detrimental effect on your self-esteem. When you’re self-conscious about having crooked teeth, it’s difficult to grin confidently in a photograph or meet new people. Straightened teeth may help you feel better about your appearance and enjoy the way you look with braces.

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You deserve to have the smile of your dreams. You don’t have to hide your smile any longer. With Invisalign, you can get the beautiful, straight teeth you’ve always wanted – and you can do it without anyone knowing that you’re wearing braces!

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