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Composite resins, also known as tooth-colored dental fillings, offer excellent durability and resistance to fracture in small to medium-sized fillings. They can be subjected to the pressure from the continuous strain of chewing and last. They can also be used on either your front or back teeth and are a good alternative for individuals who want their fillings to look more natural.

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Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings provide a natural look and protect your teeth in the future.

What are composite resin dental fillings?

It’s likely that any time you’re scheduled to see our dentist in El Paso, TX, you’re hoping they won’t find a cavity. Actually, almost everyone has had a cavity or two at some point in their life. A tooth-colored filling are used to treat people who’ve recently acquired a cavity.

These types of dental fillings are molded out of a composite resin compound that fills and closes off a cavity after the damaged region has been removed. Unlike traditional fillings, tooth-colored fillings seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth to keep them looking perfect.

Given that tooth-colored fillings are one of the most common procedures at Pershing Family Dental in Central El Paso, we decided to address a few of the more frequently asked concerns about them.

Do I need a dental filling?

Fillings are used to repair cavities and keep them from getting worse. Fillings can be used to repair cracks and fractures in teeth as well as fill small holes caused by tooth decay.

Tooth decay, if left untreated, can lead to major issues. Your dentist may create a prevention plan that includes root canal or even tooth extractions. The bottom line is that dental fillings are a good thing and will keep you smiling for a long time. If you believe you require a filling, contact us at our El Paso dental practice immediately.

Signs that you might need a dental filling

The dentist is the only individual who can truly tell if you require a filling. They’ll need to look at your tooth closely, take x-rays, and figure out what repairs are required to restore it. There are, however, a few symptoms that may alert you to the presence of a cavity in your tooth and the need for a filling.

  • Toothaches, throbbing pains, and sharp pains are examples of tooth pain.
  • When you touch or apply pressure to the tooth, there is discomfort or sensitivity (e.g. when eating).
  • A visible hole in the tooth or a design that looks like a hole might indicate the presence of a cavity.
  • Flossing between particular teeth causes dental floss to fray, as is the case with this dental floss.
  • When you run your tongue over a tooth with a rough or jagged texture and feels unpleasant.

If you don’t have any of these symptoms, however, it’s still possible that tooth decay has developed and you’ll need a filling. Smaller holes in your teeth are often the case with this kind of diagnosis, although they won’t always cause discomfort or pain.

The best method to stay up to date on any teeth cavities is to visit your local dentist for an examination and teeth cleaning every 6 months.

Benefits of a dental filling

The majority of individuals think that tooth fillings are only useful for repairing cavities. Despite the fact that fillings are generally placed on the sites of decayed teeth, they have additional advantages as well. Fillings are also used to mend damaged and fractured teeth.

Stops the cavity from growing

When you have a filling, your dentist will clean out the decaying section of your tooth. The hole will then be filled with the filling material, which will be sealed over it. The tooth’s protective layer, called the dentin hypersensitivity membrane, protects the nerve endings in your dentine from being exposed to the temperatures of the foods you eat and acids produced by bacteria in your mouth. When your teeth have cavities, it is frequently because these nerves are exposed.

Fillings Can Last Upwards of 15 Years

Fillings made of porcelain or composite are long-lasting alternatives that may be effective for up to 15 years. In fact, some such fillings may endure for decades. Today’s fillings are exceptionally durable against corrosion. Although you’ll pay a little more for a filling that lasts almost two decades, it will keep your tooth healthy for a long time and give you peace of mind.

Fillings Today Match the Appearance of Your Natural Teeth

For individuals concerned with tooth aesthetics, composite resin fillings are the best option. Composite resin fillings blend in naturally with the rest of the teeth. So don’t be concerned about how your fillings will appear. No one will be able to tell that you have a filling in your mouth because they won’t see it.

Protects your teeth from decay

Small holes that don’t qualify as cavities but do trap food particles and debris develop on your teeth. These gaps store foodstuff and detritus over time, causing tooth decay. They can be filled with a composite restoration, which is good news.

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